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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Contributions from India

I have had the good luck to be knowing about the Country Fair organised by Todd earlier. Hope this project also gives me better experience. Although I do not teach in a school, I teach students as a private tutor and have seen the excitement on the faces of my students when I share news from these projects.

We have a festival, Holi coming up on March 20. It is a religious festival with lots of colors associated with it. We smear each other with dry and wet colors on this day and express our love and brotherhood by embracing each other. Children enjoy the most as they play for more than 4 hours with the colors.

It is believed that Lord Krishna also played Holi with his Gopis and Bhakt Prahalad invoked God on this day to save him from the tortures of his own father.

Sudhir K

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